Conair – RJ85 Jet Air Tanker No 566

We watched this amazing bird do some major assists on the Tatlow Road fire.


The Avro RJ85 Airtanker boasts four Honeywell LF507-IF
engines exceeding industry performance standards with better
fuel efficiency, a full glass cockpit, increased wing structural
improvements, multiple flight simulator locations and a
minimum twenty year service life.

The RJ85 Airtanker provides increased zero fuel weight (ZFW)
and Maximum Gross Take Off Weight (MGTOW) capability to
ensure payload capacity in excess of 3,000 US gallons and
customer minimum fuel endurance requirements (3.0-3.5 hours)
are achieved.

Built between 1992 and 2002, significant modern improvements
have been made to the Avro RJ85 over earlier models. Conair’s
next generation airtanker program is highlighted through their
modern RJ85 airframe, Conair’s in-house designed and certified
retardant delivery system, significant aircraft weight reduction,
SgS advisory system, avionics upgrades and operational loads
monitoring and certification.

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