About Us

This website is just a fun project where we get to share our pictures with friends neighbours and people simply looking for particular photos or places.

Why the name? As you will see in our albums, there are few indoor or studio shots, most of the images we shoot is outdoors, in the playground or in the studio of where wolves likely hang out. So the name Timberwolf Studious was representative of one out in the wilds of our northern paradise.

As we mentioned elsewhere, what makes our gallery unique, is that for the most part, our photos are geo-tagged, allowing you to see exactly where each shot was taken as well as the date, in case you are looking for the right place to shoot pictures. Or where you might want to go on your next outdoor adventure.

We are not doing it for money, so we will not be cluttering our pages with commercials. They are there for people to enjoy and that is about it.

I am retired and have the pleasure of being able to go out and take lots of photos, we live in such a beautiful environment its a pleasure to share with the world what he enjoy here.

Our main site is just a doorway into a program that allows us to share photos, and the link to the albums goes to a Gallery Program and it exits our main site built on WordPress. The Gallery Program we are using is called Gallery3 and in spite of being built years ago is still one of the best photo gallery programs out there.

Enjoy it for what its worth, commercial free, we also decided to go 100% non political to keep peace inside our family.